Whisbi Product Update: Introducing Whisbi Deck 5.0

Because we specialize in serving the Enterprise environment, we get unreasonably pumped every time we release another Enterprise update. Each one of them gets us one step closer to cover all the features our users want. With that in mind, you can imagine how excited we are to introduce our refreshed and improved Whisbi Deck. Here’s what you need to know.



Enabled settings & configuration for Admins

Independence and agility with admin access to account settings!

With this new update we can get you to be more independent and agile with our solution:

– Set date & time formats for your service
– Manage access policy for all login types
– View user login history
– Service scheduling* – define working hours & holidays/service exceptions
– Manage session results used for qualifying your leads*
– Blacklisting phone numbers* & forbidden words
– Adding/managing users

Please write to our support team at support@whisbi.com or speak to your Customer Success Manager if you wish to have the new Settings enabled. Our support team can make the relevant changes to your profile and provide you with the documentation on how to use the new Settings.

*Applies to Whisbi One-to-One only

Click here to read more for Conversational Sales Assistant:

Click here to read more for Conversational Sales Accelerator:


Enabled settings & configuration for Agents and Analysts

Independence and agility with access to profile settings!

With this new update we can get you to be more independent and agile with our solution:

– Manage your login security
– Manage preferences
– Manage your profile


Improved loading speed for reports & dashboards

Get the data you ned, faster!

A common problem that data analysts and report users face is slow dashboards, making users wait for charts and reports to load. We have improved the loading speed for our One-to-Many reports and dashboards by making improvements to our data model and optimizing the individual tables in the reporting database.



New look & feel

Measure, collect & analyse better your customer’s behavior

We have refreshed the look and feel of the Whisbi Deck to keep the brand consistency with our other products and the brand image.


Smart Guides

Quick tips & smart guides are here!

We’ve partnered with Pendo to help you better understand our products. Next time you log in as an admin, keep an eye out for our new tool tips and short guides in the new Whisbi dashboard & settings section.





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