Why tracking your phone calls is invaluable

Even today, users demand multi-channel communication but they still prefer voice. And this is a good thing, telephone is the best medium for long-distance business-client communication. But phone has a downside: it’s untrackable.

Phone calls are a barrier between online and offline that don’t allow tracking. When a user makes a call to a traditional phone line the business being called gets no background whatsoever about the interaction. It is impossible to know where this client came from, where did he found the phone number, how long did he linger in the web page or in which product is he interested in, unless you ask the client directly, of course.

There are some solutions to track calls but they require having several phone numbers to differentiate the origin of the calls. You have to use different numbers for each campaign and each media outlet to track their effectiveness, with the hassle this entails.

In the era of data this is a real problem: you can’t know if the money you are investing in AdWords is working because the moment the user chooses to call you, you can’t track them anymore. From the point of view of a marketing analyst, this means that those sales made through the phone are not being credited to their original advertising investment.

To solve this problem, Whisbi provides a solution that combines phone calls with the web, and with online tracking. The system uses traditional phone calls to send voice coupled with a web platform to deliver video and chat. That way, the phone calls can be linked to their online origin and it is possible to obtain an interesting amount of data, such as which part of the webpage was the client browsing before calling, which device is he using or which source of traffic he comes from.

This data can be found in the Whisbi Deck, a powerful dashboard that offers complete visibility and control over the Whisbi experience from click to phone call to sales and provides information over the whole purchase funnel.  Unlike Google Analytics, Whisbi Deck allows you to know which sales made through the telephone are a consequence of investments in SEO, SEM, emailing, etc.


This brings many advantages, because more and better data is always an advantage. The sales reps can also add useful information about their interactions with the clients to the Whisbi Deck, which allows you to improve your lead nurturing.

Better lead nurturing means you can keep track of your clients to make sure they get through the purchase funnel. That way, it is possible to know, for instance, if a customer is calling for a second time or if he is waiting for a term contract to end before completing the purchase.