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Whisbi is the world’s #1 conversational commerce solution for enterprises

Enhance your customer engagement by 6X, reduce website exit rates by 20% and increase online sales conversion by 40%!


Increase online engagement with One-to-Many

Reach and engage with your website visitors at scale. Announce launches, demonstrate products, present promotional offers, host open webinars and live events all the while engaging with your audiences with live chat and chat bots. Connect and interact seamlessly with several to hundreds of online visitors at the same time.

By implementing a live video educational tool on the website, it’s easier to interact, entertain and build trust with visitors. It’s possible to have a much higher quality interactions with online prospects – leading to better online conversion.

6x more engaging and 10x more efficient than a normal chat.

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Boost online sales conversion with One-to-One

Monetize your web visitors and increase your online sales conversion rates. By using a conversational commerce solution combining, live video, chat and intuitive chatbot, brands can provide a real human experience to customers online, and improve conversion and ROI as a result of authentic digital experiences.

Going further than a simple chatbot solution alone, conversational commerce is a more advanced, comprehensive solution that does more than provide a quick chatbot answer; solutions work to segment and filter online audiences, to maintain engagement throughout the sales funnel; progressing conversations from chatbots to live experts and sales professionals.

Brands can expect an uplift in online engagement rates, reduction in site abandonment rates and an increase in online sales conversion rates up to 40%; thanks to the conversational commerce solution’s ability to filter and segment online audience by their stage in the sales funnel.

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Distribute Leads & Track

Distribute your leads to your physical locations

Leverage your stores as the key touch point for your online customers. Show your products through live video and offer personalized service to your online customers  in real-time.

The Whisbi LDS solution recreates a real store experience 100% online allowing your sales team to engage in real time with your online customers as if they were in a real store: for example sharing via co-browsing product details or filling in an order form together.

By implementing this new and  innovative way to engage with online customers across the stores brands can:
Better monetize the web visits and online leads by enhancing the pre-sale process and increasing the share of digital sales.

Enhance online customer experience through personalized assistance in real-time and make teams in the stores more productive by selling more products and increasing upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Track the entire customer journey

Powerful tracking & reporting tools lets you track the entire customer journey from click-through to interaction and closed sales.

Measure your sales conversion rates in real time to optimize your commercial operations and establish better ROI control of your sales and online marketing budget.

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ behavior and collect key insights through world-class analytics and reporting.

You can evaluate and compare the individual performance of your sales team to help identify areas of improvement and to set up a realistic incentive system.

Business impact

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    conversion rate

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  • x2Cross-selling

  • x2Average order value

  • 90%Customer satisfaction

Why Whisbi?

Conversational commerce solution to reduce the complexity of omni-channel marketing, create exceptional experiences for customers across the entire buyer journey and drive real ROI.

Leading enterprise solution for conversational commerce

Full on-site support and industry leading SLA (99%)

Proven success with global brands

Enterprise-grade security

Mobile first, works on any device

U.S. patented solution