Retail vs. E-commerce trends: a match made in heaven [INFOGRAPHIC]

Retail is not dead, neither is it knocked out. Statistics show that brick-and-mortar stores still play an important role in customers’ lives, even if their role is changing. At first glance it may seem like e-commerce is their biggest challenger (see trends such as showrooming, taking profit away from physical stores). Yet if we look behind the numbers, we see that instead of fighting fist to fist, the two are increasingly intertwined.

Online shopping meets physical retail: countdown

For instance, the web is estimated to influence 59% of US retail purchases by 2018. 84% of customers actually expect retailers to better integrate their offline and online channels and these ‘omnichannel’ customers are spending 3.5x more than their regular peers.

Here is a quick recap of the most important encounter of our times: a match (made in heaven) between Retail and E-commerce. After all, isn’t it a win-win game?

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Written by Zsofia Kerekes / Whisbi



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