How Conversational Commerce Improved Online Sales Conversion up to 40% of Two Biggest Telecommunication Companies in US and Europe

Engaging with customer in real time is the primal need for Telcos to secure their position in the digital market. Their marketing actions need to be focused on providing an engaging customer experience. Live video engagement has become a revolutionary way for marketers to execute a successful real time marketing strategy – enabling brands to connect directly with their customers online.

How marketers are using mobile-first strategy to improve customer engagement

Do you remember those blurry early-mid 2000s when we would rush to our desktop computers at home and dial up to our internet to browse or chat? And dread it when the signal would cut out for no reason? Only 15 years later, internet activities have gotten simpler thanks to the evolution of technology that has changed the way we communicate, consume information, buy, interact, decide etc. In a matter of years, we were able to push all innovation boundaries to a whole new level; to the point where consumer needs, behaviors, and trends are changing faster than seasons.

Retail banking in the age of assistance and conversational commerce

The majority of customers today buy or research online. They are very aware of new emerging technologies and are expecting that brands offer them better assistance in their online customer journey, regardless of the industry or sector. Banks need to start addressing customers’ needs for on-demand real time information and support it with live human interactions online. Although bots have become a trendy tool in the banking sector, the latest research revealed customers do not respond well to them. Instead, they want to feel a human connection and live engagement through digital channels. It’s safe to say that customers are the real driving force behind the digital transformation, as they search for simplicity and seamless experiences. Therefore, any brand that is truly customer-centric, will invest in conversational commerce solution, to help them improve conversations online and enhance their customer engagement.

Live Video: Helping Marketers Survive the Shift Towards Real Time Marketing

Although traditional brick & mortar retail business is decreasing, the online retail or e-commerce is growing substantially year on year. CMOs and marketers are trying to find ways for brands to maintain the same personal relationships with their customers online, as more and more customers turn to digital channels when researching for products and services and are requesting information in real time.