Tips To Increase Online Engagement With Conversational Commerce Solutions

We know that customers are increasingly active on digital channels throughout their purchasing journey.

Yet as 46% of retailers know (according to Forbes), while customers like to browse the internet to research major products, they still prefer to make the actual purchase in-store, in person.

Given the fact that a big part of the customer journey now happens online (and as we’ve explored so far), brands must make the most of digital opportunity; by finding ways to improve online sales conversion by creating more engaging online customer experiences.

How Telecommunication companies can grow their business with the help of conversational commerce

In the brave new world of changing market models (offline to online) and increasing number of choices, Telco customers are more empowered than ever before. It is no longer the customer who has to find a provider, but rather the provider that has to engage and retain the customer. The market has become more competitive as the internet has given the telco brands a vast opportunity to expand their business. Telcos, therefore, need to find new ways to execute great push marketing strategies in both in-store and online.

Telco brands in the age of conversational commerce: Avoid missed opportunities online with live engagement

Telecommunication companies have been battling it out against one another for the best offers, promotions, bundles etc. E-commerce became a big opportunity for telcos in the sense that it has created an ocean of online offers for customers to choose from.

With many telcos going digital, customers are overloaded with numerous marketing messages coming their way when only a few are actually relevant to them. Telcos should make it easier for the customers to find them by finding them first. Studies have shown that a major part of the customer research journey regarding a product or a service is happening online. People are becoming more prone to buying online because it’s more convenient and time efficient than visiting a physical shop. This means telcos need to provide added value to their website visitors with engaging conversational commerce solutions.

How Conversational Commerce is Changing Online Car Shopping Experience

Around 75% of car research is done online and by 2027 it is expected that 1 in 5 cars will be sold online.

It is an exciting time for automotive manufacturers. While customers currently still prefer to purchase a vehicle offline, a large part of the purchasing journey is already digital. Although the online purchase will certainly pick up significantly, customers first need to be given the confidence from brands, by providing them with an engaging digital experience.

The evolution of customer interactions has been dramatic over the past 20 years. Customers’ expectations and behaviors online have changed due to the availability of customer-centric technologies. Brands are left to cope with the fundamental transformations and challenges of digitalization, which will greatly affect the success of car manufacturers and automotive developers worldwide.