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The World’s #1 One-to-Many video chat exclusively for business

6x more engaging and 10x more efficient than a chat

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Business applications

  • Product demonstrations
  • Explain promotional offers
  • Customer care
  • Online advertising
  • Answer FAQs
  • Webinars and tutorials
  • Emergency management
  • Corporate announcements

How does it work?

Connect your brand to your audience

Whisbi one-to-many enables your presenter to reach several to hundreds of online visitors simultaneously.

people watch live streams 3x longer than saved ones

Quick to set up & easy to use

Your business

Simply add a line of JavaScript to your website, download the Whisbi app, and start connecting with your customers.

All you need is an internet-enabled device.

Your customers

Access is universal and operates on desk browsers, tablets, smartphones and is accessible on 3G and 4G networks.

Ready to broadcast

Almost there

It´s as easy as the presenter choosing the session he/she wants to broadcast and starting the session. Everything is ready to start sending your message to your audience through presentation and product demonstration.


presenter view

The video chat

Your customers have questions

Your web visitors are invited to interact realtime by asking questions to your product expert.

They can instantly send text messages of up to 100 characters to the presenter who then answers the most recurrent queries with a unified brand-friendly response.

There is no registration needed to ask questions. Your audience connects and interacts seamlessly!


customer experience

Read and manage your audience’s questions

During presentations a live feed of your viewer’s questions appears. Your product expert is answering in real time ensuring accurate product explanations and the most up to date brand messaging in a live interactive experience.

You can even adapt the flow of questions during busy periods by setting a delay between questions asked.

Let a chatbot engage with and filter your audiences

The integrated chatbot functionality helps you segment passive viewers from active viewers and redirects them to a landing page of your choice, whether it is a one to one call with a sales agent or a form to fill.

The chatbot works to segment and filter online audiences and helps you maintain engagement throughout the sales funnel.


customer experience

Share media files

Share content with your viewers

To enhance understanding of the message, you can combine video with media content by sharing images or presentations during the live broadcast.

Know your audience

Learn from your customer’s interactions

In addition to questions, your viewers can interact with your brand through likes and personal ratings of the presenter during the video stream. Obtain valuable information in real-time.

Full tracking & reporting

Track your performance

During a broadcast, your presenters see the audience’s interactions in real time as well as an overview recap after each session. Within the Whisbi Deck, you can access powerful tracking and reporting data live to closely follow the performance of your campaign.


The Whisbi Deck provides you with key insights on your broadcasts allowing you to view metrics, including total viewers, questions asked, most common topics, total viewing time, engagement rates, tope presenters and much more.


Evaluate and compare the performance of your presenters, discover audience favorites, optimize and improve on brand messaging.

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