Whisbi’s mobile app for an easy yet clever omnichannel retail experience is here

Did you know that just one year from now, most companies expect to be competing mostly on the level of their customer experience? Yet, do you fear that stepping up your online shopping experience would be time-consuming and costly or most solutions seem too complicated to implement? Good news: as part of Whisbi’s innovative SaaS technology for Retail & E-commerce businesses, you can use an ordinary smartphone to share a real ‘store experience’ with your online customers.

Showcase how your products work and feel – with just a smartphone camera!

Easy as pie:

  • Add just one line of JavaScript to your website to enable the Whisbi experience with your web visitors.
  • Whisbi’s patented technology will synchronize voice, video, co-browsing, chat and tracking in real time for a rewarding, rich customer interaction.
  • Your sales people can now showcase to online customers how your products actually look, work and feel via real-time video, using the camera of a smartphone and Whisbi’s new easy-to-use app. (Currently available for Android.)
  • Switch between the smartphone’s front and rear camera any time to demonstrate the products or show the face of the sales person for a truly personal interaction.
  • You can even connect another camera to the smartphone to go hands-free or show a specific product in a fixed set-up.

Watch our one-minute video story:

A universal customer experience that increases your online sales conversion

Set it up fast and let your customers fall in love with your products whilst talking to your knowledgeable product expert, triggering instant purchase decisions thanks to this authentic, moving experience. It doesn’t even matter where your customers are or what kind of device they are using, as long as it has a browser.

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