New Broadcast App by Whisbi

Let’s kick-off the new year with two big product updates. We have been working hard to get these new updates to you by the beginning of 2020, and we cannot wait to tell you all about them.

Entering the new decade, we defined and validated the workflows of the broadcasting experience and we decided to fully redesign our Whisbi One-to-Many app. Check out the new Whisbi Broadcast app below!


Here’s why you should make the switch:


Broadcast quality improvement

Set the broadcast quality according to your connectivity

The quality of a live stream can depend on your WiFi connection, the network carrier or device, but we said: this has to change! Let’s get rid of pixelated and interrupted live broadcasting from showrooms and studios. From now on you can set the broadcast quality before you go live, to give your customers the best live show possible. 



Whisbi Live – Use a Whisbi subdomain for your broadcast

Use a Whisbi landing page to live stream your product demos

You can create a custom subdomain on the Whisbi platform to host your live broadcast, to avoid going through internal IT politics.



Adaptive Bit Rate

Offer the best broadcast quality according to your customers’ connectivity 

Your customers connect everywhere, in the metro, at workplaces with slow Wi-Fi and with different network speeds like 3G, 4G or 5G. Users often don’t realize what a change in the network might cause for streaming reliability. 

Our Solution: Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) serves the best quality for the customers’ connectivity. A lower bit rate is applied when the connection is slow and a higher bit rate when the connectivity improves.


Blocking functionality

Protect your presenters from negative comments

During your live broadcast your viewers can ask questions in real-time for the presenter to answer right away. In the unfortunate event of negative comments from a viewer, the presenter and camera operator can now simply block that user.



And much more…

– Add our Conversational Sales Convertor to your live broadcast to start capturing leads during your broadcast.
– Improved security: To comply with internal and external legislation, it is possible to obfuscate sensitive data like personal details. This is commonly used to comply with GDPR or CCPI regulations.
– And last but not least: The new Broadcast app lets you connect with a Bluetooth microphone, so the presenter can talk loud and clear to their viewers!


If you would like to make the switch, please contact your Customer Success Manager, so that the team to guide you through the process and can guarantee a smooth transition. But no worries if you are currently using the “old” Whisbi One-to-Many app, you can test the new app and make the switch whenever you feel comfortable.



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