New Agent Interface for your Conversational Sales Assistant

The Whisbi Agent interface of our Conversational Sales Assistant replaces its legacy interface aka the “Whisbi Desktop ” with a well-researched user experience, designed from careful customer analysis, workflow evaluations and heavy onsite testing. Agents in several countries and different industries were consulted on needs, sales techniques, and behaviours in order to deliver an optimised and scalable interface.


Here are all the advantages of the new Agent Interface:


Sharing features

Improved Showroom & screen sharing features

The usual features such as sharing Showroom and sharing a website are still available but are much improved in terms of data-efficiency of the live stream, usability and interface.

Call scheduling

Schedule a follow-up meeting with the customer

The Whisbi agents can now schedule calls with customers, so they never miss another sales opportunity and receive a reminder when the scheduled call is coming up.



Agent status

Easily change agent status in the new interface

The Whisbi agents are able to easily change their status themselves which shows their availability to customers. Whenever the agent is going for a well-deserved break, the status can be changed to “busy” to redirect incoming calls to other available agents.



List view

New list view of all call requests

All open customer requests stay on in the list view so that the Whisbi agents can estimate the length of the queue. This helps to minimize the waiting time for customers.


But that is not all…

– Improved usability which aims for a purely one-click experience to access the most frequently used tools.
– The CTI Integration allows to fully automate the process of lead distribution.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to get a full tutorial on how to use the new Whisbi Interface and this way we can assure you and your team an easy transition.



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