Leading live video streaming solutions on the market

People spend more time with digital video than with social media. YouTube no longer holds the monopoly on video influencers and creators. More and more live streaming solutions are appearing everyday. Between April 2015 and November 2015, the amount of average daily video views on Facebook increased from 4 billion to 8 billion. In July 2015, Periscope users watched 40 years' worth of videos every day.

There are 7.395 billion people on Earth:

♦ 3.419 Billion Internet Users (46% Penetration)

♦ 2.307 Billion active social media users (32%)

♦ There are 3.790 Billion unique mobile users and 1.968 billion of them are active mobile social users.

Live streaming solutions

The most popular live-streaming platform at the moment is Twitch: accounting for 43% of all live video-streaming traffic by volume. Twitch is a gamer community catering to a specialized niche market. Where are the other 57% of the live video-streaming traffic?


Acquired by Twitter in January 2015, people can discover streams to watch and save to their camera roll.

♦ It has over 10 million users and over 10.5 million posts.

♦ Less than half of Periscope broadcasts are tweeted.

♦ Periscope allows users to invite only specific users to their stream.


One of the first companies to take advantage of Periscope was T-Mobile. In October 2015 John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile created a broadcast titled “5 Ways T-Mobile CEO @JohnLegere’s Use Of Periscope Is Changing The Game and Why Other Leaders Need To Take Notice.” The broadcast focused on how Periscope has helped him to reach his customers.

Sports companies were also quick on the uptake. The first sports company to recognize the benefits of live streaming solutions was Adidas, they included Periscope in their marketing strategy to live-stream Real Madrid soccer star James Rodriguez signing a deal with the sports clothing giant.

International corporations like General Electric use Periscope to give their customers an inside view of some of their facilities to show transparency and boost customer engagement.


Founded on 27th of February 2015, is a live streaming solution, where users can share live videos and engage with viewers.  

♦ It has 2 million users and 2.295 million posts.

Comparing with Periscope, Meerkat lacks browsing capabilities for live streams and cannot plug into Twitter's social graph.


Starbucks was an early adopter of Meerkat, streaming video showing coffee roasting at the company's roastery and tasting room in Seattle (how exciting!).

Red Bull was another company to adopt Meerkat, streaming video that reflects the brand’s image: broadcasting extreme sporting events like Red Bull Double Pipe.

Facebook Live

In 2015 Facebook Live was only available to celebrities. But not anymore. One of the main differences between Facebook Live and Periscope is audience reach. Using Periscope the company is able to share the live stream with its Twitter and Periscope followers. Meanwhile with Facebook Live the live video stream can be shared with all followers on Facebook.


Disney used Facebook Live to broadcast interviews in real-time from the red carpet at the premiere of The Jungle Book.

The automotive industry also it keeps up with this trend: Chevrolet’s new electric car launch used live video to great effect, giving fans the scoop first.

YouTube Connect

It will be one of the live streaming solutions from Google which would take on "spur-of-the-moment" live video services like Facebook Live and Twitter's Periscope. It will be a mobile app for Android and iOS but as yet the launch date has not been confirmed.


This solution (a web site and a mobile application) lets users live stream from mobile devices and PC in high quality. The stream called HDFootball has already reached more than 500000 viewers per week by using Veetle and this is bearing in mind that this channel appeared by mistake. The founder came across the site by accident and learned how to broadcast just by trying it.


Livestream video is the easiest way to broadcast an event and share content with an audience. Livestream is the company that provides Live Video Solutions for Every Industry.

Such companies as Deloitte, NRL, IMG and many others use live webinars to communicate with the audience. “It is different when it is live” say them.


BrightTALK provides a variety of webinars and videos for professionals and their communities that are free to attend. The company can integrate the BrightTALK webcast to its website to attract more customers and engage better with the existing ones. The company can share their product’s updates and specifications with live webinars, show demos and garner immediate feedback from customers.

Also the company has a mobile app with the same functionality.

What's next?

Companies have a lot of opportunities to use live streaming video to engage better with their audience: event broadcasting, online webinars, live streaming of commercial activities. Up-to-now, different solutions were needed for each of these activities. Now Whisbi has developed a solution that combines all of these features and benefits in a way that any company with a website can take advantage of. Whisbi One-to-Many is the world's first one-to-many video chat solution designed specifically for businesses. A One-to-Many solution allowing your audience to connect with your brand in a seamless and exciting new way.

No matter how the power of streaming video is used, Whisbi One-to-Many is the only universal live video solution that audiences can tune in to whenever they want without installing any plug in or software. 

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