4 Ways to Improve Customer Experience on Cyber Monday

28th of November - the biggest online shopping day of 2016. Cyber Monday produced $2.98 billion in sales last year, up from $2.65 billion in 2014, with 48% of traffic coming from mobile devices.

Forrester forecasts that omnichannel sales will reach $1.8 trillion by 2018. Customers are “browsing” across more categories on digital devices like mobile phones and tablets than ever before, having more information available on the go, which drives the need for cross-channel shopping. Therefore, when brands think online customer experience they need to think omnichannel and capitalize on the opportunity to provide customers with the seamless online shopping experience.

We have outlined four main tips that will help your brand create an enjoyable and unforgettable Cyber Monday online customer experience.

1. Create a seamless customer experience.

Customers expect relevant, timely and consistent interaction with brands, regardless of whether they are navigating their mobile phone, sitting behind a computer screen or walking around your local store.
If your brand is able to provide them with an exceptional customer experience, the chances are they will be coming back after the discounts are over and will most likely recommend your brand to their friends and family.

Make sure you have the right technology in place that will allow your customers to connect with your brand via their channel of choice. The most advanced omnichannel customer engagement solution currently on the market is Whisbi One-to-One, real-time video chat for business. This solution helps brands to better monetize their web visitors while reducing abandonment, boost cross sells and upsells and increase their sales teams’ productivity in any physical touchpoint with human engagement, 100% online.

Have a look at how Whisbi helped Media Markt offer more seamless customer experience and better purchase recommendations, by creating a real store experience 100% online, increasing sales conversion in real time by showing their products via live video.

2. Improve customer engagement and checkout experience.

What every brand aims to achieve during Cyber Monday is prevent or reduce shopping cart abandonment.The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 66%, and MIT big data estimates that $1.4 trillion in merchandise was abandoned in online shopping carts last year in the US. Additional research showed that more than half of shopping cart abandoners make their purchase with the initial brand or their competitor, within the next 24 hours. Customers mostly abandon a cart due to a long or overly-complicated checkout process. Therefore brands need to re-engage with these customers before they leave the website and ensure they “close the deal”.

Some brands achieved this through Whisbi live video chat, where the sales representative helps the customer fill in the details at checkout through co-browsing, taking control over the purchase process. The sales rep can also help the customer with additional product demonstrations through live video or product configuration in real time, hence influencing their buying decision. Thanks to this solution, your retention rates can also improve.

Read how Whisbi helped Vodafone recreate a real store experience online and brought the sales conversion rate closer to in-store rates!

3. Personalise the online shopping experience.

Customers like personalized promotions based on real-time data. This allows brands to improve the customer experience and sell more. Companies need to use online knowledge bases which can distribute information across all consumer touchpoints and provide customers with consistency and efficiency during their (online) shopping process. Using analytics, brands can provide the right data to their online customers at the right time and encourage them to shop across channels. The final step in this process is organizing the new innovative solutions and processes around the needs of the customers for each channel.

The more exposure, information and access a customer has to your brand, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Brands need to embrace new technologies and turn them to their advantage!

4. Make it Easy!

When customers buy in-store, they have more in-depth product information available, compared to the online experience. Brands should find a way to ease shoppers’ minds, for example by incorporating omnichannel solutions to their websites, like: interactive selling platforms, customer engagement solutions, online advanced chat and co-browsing in case the customers need more detailed product information or have any other concerns. It should be easy for the customers to reach you and it’s always nice to let them know you are there for them in case they want to interact.

And remember - the channel where a customer is first exposed to your product is not necessarily the same channel where they will buy it. Therefore, brands need to make it simple and seamless for the customers to move from one channel to another, and the hard work will pay off once you see those conversion rates go up!

Here’s to creating an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers on Cyber Monday - one, that will leave them with a year-round positive perception of your brand and keep them coming back!

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