In store: showcase your products online with our new Google Glass app

We are glad to announce that our new app for Glass has arrived at the store! We mean it both literally and metaphorically, thinking about the opportunities this opens up to Retail & E-commerce businesses. Industry experts agree that smart glasses such as Google Glass itself have a great potential in the enterprise sector.

When our team have developed our new omnichannel solution, we’ve envisioned a world where sales representatives can showcase their physical products to web visitors via real-time video, equipped with smart glasses – such as Google Glass or Epson – or using the camera of an Android smartphone. With one click, they can ‘teleport’ their online customers to physical stores or a showroom to share a real ‘store experience’ with them.

Increase sales conversion and provide a unique customer experience with Whisbi + smart glasses

Our first projects with customers such as Vodafone (see video about the novel experience) or Fiat (video of the unique showroom project) have proven Whisbi’s powerful effect on sales conversion and improving the customer experience with a differentiator value.

Visit the official Glassware store to take a look at our our new app.

If you would like to see it in action, book a live demo with our team.