New live video solution for dealerships: easier & sells more than pre-recorded videos

Did you know that more than 80% of customers start by looking around online when they are about to purchase a car?

Are you doing everything you can to engage them before a competitor would?

Now think about it for a second:

If customers were on your website, saw a car they liked and called you, would you be able to show the car to them even if they were too busy at the moment to go to the dealership?

Whisbi allows you to show your vehicles via live video solution in a few seconds, simply using your smartphone.

Our patented live video solution can automatically connect any normal inbound or outbound phone call with video in just one click.

With proven expertise in automotive — working with brands such as Fiat and Jeep — Whisbi has now created a new solution which is 100% tailored to dealers’ needs, cost-efficient and easy to use.

How can you use Whisbi?

Show any of your new or used vehicles via live video solution with just one click

Live video solution is a great way to break the ice and build trust with potential customers calling in.

Demonstrate how pleasing your vehicles look and what condition they are in. Prove to the customer that the offer on your website is really worth considering!

Dealership-Video-Cars. Live video solution

Why is live video solution better than pre-recorded walkaround videos or videos attached to emails?

Compared to pre-recorded walkaround videos, this is part of a real-time conversation with your customer, so that you can flexibly adapt it to each customer’s needs and focus on the finest details they are most interested in.

– Pre-recorded videos are good as an advertising or direct mail tool, but if the customer wants to see specific details, they are much less effective.

– Also, even if videos are more trustworthy than pictures, some people may not be completely sure that a recorded & edited video was not re-touched.

– In case a recorded video is uploaded to sites or servers, it might hurt its universality as some customers may not have instant access to them (e.g. if someone is at the office but the firewall blocks sites like Youtube).

– Plus, live video solution is much more efficient and convenient for you than the hassle of recording, uploading and managing videos for each vehicle in your inventory.

– With Whisbi, you also have the option to easily share any document (such as a customized offer) or photo with the prospect, in real time. No complications with sending follow-up emails.

Let potential buyers fall in love with your vehicles at first sight in a credible way and make them want to go ahead.

Use it for after-sales or service support

When talking to the customer on the phone, you can use video to:

Showcase parts and equipment you are proposing;

Demonstrate what problems you’ve discovered during a checkup;

– Show how the repair is going, etc.

Get your point across at one glance, increase trust and make your customers truly satisfied.

Aftersales-Video-Whisbi. Live video solution

Easy for you, easy for your customers

Whisbi is completely universal; your customers don’t need to log in anywhere or download anything. None of that hassle.

Whether they are browsing on their mobile at the park, relaxing on the couch or sitting at their office, all they need is to be in front of any device with a browser to enjoy this convincing experience. (Even if their bandwidth is poor.)

As for your dealership, you won’t need IT implementation on your site, and your sales people won’t need to be too ‘tech-savvy’ to be able to use our easy mobile solution or our analytics dashboard.

How many of your competitors can offer that?

Real success stories have proven that Whisbi can help generate +110% qualified leads, with more test drives and follow-up visits booked and more customized offers made.

As customers are spending more time online (we’re talking about an average 10 hours or more!) when looking around for a vehicle to buy – often instead of heading straight to the physical dealerships – Whisbi helps you maximize the sales potential of those valuable leads.

Whether you are selling cars, motorbikes, other types of vehicles or machinery, being able to show what you actually offer creates a convincing, trustworthy image and sets you apart in the market.

At the end of the day, it may just as well be the key advantage that drives customers to your door, not to those of your competitors – so that you will sell more.

Get in touch with our sales manager Torquil Thomson at to book a free trial.