Why customer experience is the new competitive advantage [INFOGRAPHIC]

The European Commission regularly publishes white papers tackling the most significant business innovation trends that have high impact on the economy and people’s lives. In their recent ‘Customer Experience – Enhanced Customer Support’ report, they’ve envisioned an exciting new era that will fundamentally shape the future of business.

Customer-centric company revolution: how to stay competitive

In this brand new customer landscape, transformed by forces such as the multi-channel, multi-device customer journey or the need for omnipresent immediacy and advanced personalization, products and prices will not be enough on their own to work as an effective differentiator.

Instead, exceptional customer experience will become the new, critical competitive advantage that may determine the failure or success of a business in the integrated marketplace. Only those who are receptive to this new mentality will survive. 


We are proud of the fact that the European Commission has listed Whisbi among the key emerging innovators in this customer-centric revolution, highlighting the positive business impact of our patented technology. In a nutshell, Whisbi is able to combine any normal inbound or outbound phone call with an interactive online experience (i.e. co-browsing, chat, video and all-around tracking) in real time, helping companies provide an incomparable customer experience and enhance their sales potential.

Actually, the European Commission has even found our solution exciting enough to implement it with their own Europe Direct services – such positive recognition really warms our heart.

Glad to be part of this new era, we can’t wait to help companies that sell both on the phone and through the internet make the leap and thrive.

See the Whisbi vision in action.

The whole study with vital insights and recommendations is available here.