Customer Experience Matters

Do you remember the last great experience you had with a brand and how it made you feel? Can you put your finger on what made it so special? Answers to these questions can help you focus on the essentials of the meaningful and unforgettable customer experience you should be creating for your customers.

Many organizations have been living and breathing customer experience to earn customers’ trust and have deployed new disruptive technology to make the experience they strive to provide a reality. These customer-centric companies have managed to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a sense of belonging for the customers, who are quick to reward them with their loyalty and return business.

Are you still not convinced why customer experience matters?

Customer experience earns customers’ trust

Trust is hard to win - and very easy to lose. Any interaction a potential customer has with your brand at any stage in the customer journey process has to provide them with the best customer experience, as this is fundamental for building trust and improving engagement. Although, it takes a lot of time and hard work to build trust, it’s really not that complicated as it might seem, as long as you focus on three most important competencies: service, consistency and transparency.

The value of your brand is built on the trust of your customers, which reflects on their behaviour when interacting offline as well as online. The online experience that your brand provides is now more important than ever, as a recent IAB study finds 90% of consumers back brands after interacting with them online. The study also found that online interaction drives brand sentiment, encourages customer engagement and increases brand loyalty.

The best way to make your digital customer experience authentic and interactive (both for the company and for the customer) is to bring a human interaction into the buyer’s journey at as early stage as possible. Take for example Audi Ireland, they are well known as a brand that people trust. Below is their latest online customer experience, which enables them to engage with tens or hundreds of online visitors simultaneously, with only one presenter from their website. They are able to instantly interact with customers and answer queries in real time, giving them complete control over the message used to create awareness and promote their new product.


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Customers reward great customer experience

Customer experience has been the buzzword for quite sometime now. There are a number of reasons why companies have started placing it at the top of their list, but the most important must be to increase engagement and loyalty. Once customers feel that sense of familiarity, trust and comfort, they will find it harder to go elsewhere - and why would they?

If you want your customers to behave in a certain way you need to engage them first. Give them a great experience and they will reward you with more purchases, loyalty and positive word of mouth, which has always been extremely powerful, but never more than today thanks to social media and other online channels. Viral capabilities and the of strength social media can work in your favour if your customer experience is outstanding every time customers interact with your brand - it can multiply reach quickly for a limited cost. And another thing, customers will happily pay more for an experience that is both functionally and emotionally rewarding.

Customer loyalty is therefore mostly driven by a company’s interactions with its customers and how well it can anticipate their needs and expectations. Customers demand a unified customer experience across all the different touchpoints in their journey (physical store, online store, call centre,...) and are ready to reward companies that are able to achieve that.

Customer experience differentiates and creates a sense of belonging

The amount of choice in goods and services available on the market can be overwhelming at times. This is why customers want more than just good products, they want emotional connection with the brand and to feel a sense of belonging. It comes as no surprise that a history of consistently positive customer experiences with a brand can increase the chances of customers returning to the brand and helping them get ahead of their competition. Therefore brands need to make sure they are creating a customer experience that keeps the customers coming back for more. This is their new competitive advantage - a true brand differentiator.

Customers Remember Experiences, Not Your Brand Logo

Martin Zilling

Experience delivered has to be consistent and effective across all channels, which means omnichannel solutions provide incomparable online experiences for your brand. Innovative SaaS technology companies like Whisbi can help you provide a unique and personalized customer experience on your website that your customers will appreciate and reward you for; helping to attract visitors to spend more time browsing; encouraging them to learn more about your brand and giving you the opportunity to engage with them while they are visiting your site.

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