What do we do? – Whisbi helps brands close “complex sales”, up-sell, cross-sell, nurture leads AND improve marketing ROI through their online channel

Why does it work? – Whisbi humanizes e-Commerce by providing an offline experience, online

How does it work? – Whisbi gives end-users complete visibility, control and clarity during their buying cycle

Whisbi’s technology platform and Video Agent-­‐assisted sales methodology offers end-­‐users the opportunity to understand our clients’ full product offering, pricing plans and commitment requirement (such as 12 month contracts) and facilitates cross-­‐selling and up-­‐selling opportunities. Whisbi improves e-Commerce conversion rates, reduces website abandonment and drives online sales.

Our robust marketing technology and methodology capitalizes on relationship commerce. Only one marketing tool exists that offers Video Agent-­‐assisted e-­‐ Commerce. This patented solution is developed by Whisbi and is currently serving international corporations, such as Telefonica, Citibank and Vodafone, helping generate as much as 300% more sales through their online channel.

We have been working in the Video Agent-­‐assisted e-­‐Commerce business since 2009, providing a real solution to the business pain-­‐points experienced by large and small corporations trying to sell complex products and services online.