How to Shorten the B2C Sales Cycle Without Investing in New Resources

The rules of pre-sales engagement have changed. Buyers have more knowledge of products than ever before. And yet, they will not make a purchase unless they’re sure about what’s in it for them: a great car at a good price, a competitive mobile data plan with a long-term validity, a vacation rental villa that costs less than what they might find on an online accommodation-sharing website. Modern consumers are well-informed and demanding, and expect brands to engage them on a personal level.  Enterprises are increasingly looking beyond traditional lead ...

New Broadcast App by Whisbi

Let's kick-off the new year with two big product updates. We have been working hard to get these new updates to you by the beginning of 2020, and we cannot wait to tell you all about them. Entering the new decade, we defined and validated the workflows of the broadcasting experience and we decided to fully redesign our Whisbi One-to-Many app. Check out the new Whisbi Broadcast app below!   Here's why you should make the switch:  

New Agent Interface for your Conversational Sales Assistant

The Whisbi Agent interface of our Conversational Sales Assistant replaces its legacy interface aka the “Whisbi Desktop '' with a well-researched user experience, designed from careful customer analysis, workflow evaluations and heavy onsite testing. Agents in several countries and different industries were consulted on needs, sales techniques, and behaviours in order to deliver an optimised and scalable interface.   Here are all the advantages of the new Agent Interface:   Read more