Innovating automotive retail

Automotive retailers now actively embrace new innovative technologies. The IT and automotive industries, in spite of all their differences, still have one thing in common. They are closer to a wider range of consumers than any other technical sector. Cars and IT have universal appeal. Together they are creating exciting customer experiences, presenting the industry’s latest cutting edge designs and truly innovating automotive retail. Today, topics explored in automotive publications increasingly overlap with themes discussed in IT magazines and journals...

Key drivers of ecommerce: Top 5 questions that users ask before buying online

People can buy almost anything, at any time and in any physical place, online these days. Understanding the questions that concern clients before purchasing online are key drivers of ecommerce. Before purchasing online, every customer asks:

♦ Do they trust the website. Is it completely legal? Is it secure enough to carry out financial transactions?

♦ What is the delivery and return policy. How many days will shipping take? What if the product will n...

Key Christmas ecommerce Metrics for online retail

Every online retail business should track their key Christmas ecommerce metrics. The Christmas holiday season is a challenging, but profitable time for online retail. It is quite common for a company to achieve 40% of their yearly revenues during the last quarter. The number of orders and average order size typically increase compared with the rest of the year.

Key Christmas ecommerce metrics: what do your customers want?

For customers, Christmas means more than just holidays. It stirs memories of bustling st...