New mobile e-commerce buying behavior: the biggest challenge and opportunity for marketers

Mobile e-commerce buying behavior has changed the entire online retail market. In general there are two ways to work with e-commerce: a Direct Model and an Online marketplace. In the case of a Direct Model, the company has a website dedicated only to their products. An Online marketplace is shared by multiple manufacturers and vendors (Amazon, Alibaba).
"It’s almost like sleeping with the enemy. And the biggest and scariest is Amazon"
If a company wants to build a brand, the direct model of e-commerce is the easiest way to obtain this. As technology advances, mobile is becoming a crucial channel fo...

How Whisbi is helping to sell more cars online

The first step that a customer normally takes when they want to buy a car is researching online. Car buyers are want to be sure that the car they want has the exact features and options they are looking for, but the average car buyer physically visits only 1.8 dealerships. So the question for automotive companies is “How to start to sell more cars online?”. In general, car shoppers are not able to go to the dealership straight after they have found an interesting car online. They just don’t have enough time for this. Whisbi can help automotive comp...

Whisbi + Vodafone win best Telecommunications innovations at eCommerce Awards for Excellence

On September 30th in London, United Kingdom in front of more than 500 e-commerce professionals Whisbi with Vodafone has been named as a gold winner in Best Telecommunication eCommerce category in eCommerce Awards, a prestigious international contest, rewarding authentic e-commerce and retail innovation across different categories.
It is not only a great honor but yet another reassurance of our vision to take the real store experience online being a real industry revolution.
ECommerce Awards 2015 honors were presented in more than 20 categories divided in 4 parts: General, Industry, Innovation and Sp...