Why Every CMO Should Replace Forms with Conversations to Increase Conversion Rate

At every stage of the online customer journey, effective communication is essential to meet the ultimate goal of achieving sales. Yet, marketers who continue using forms seem to believe that passive, one-way communication is an engagement booster. Forms may convince some visitors to provide their details, but they do a poor job of introducing the company and inviting visitors to explore the product or service they seek. Forms lack the humanistic touch of conversing with people via digital media.   Read more

How to Digitally Transform Your Business with Assisted Sales Online

87% of shoppers begin their search for a product online. Digital channels play a big role in telecommunications product discovery and information-gathering. With the customer journey mostly occurring online, the potential for sales via digital outreach channels and purchase points is immense. The question is, how can telecom companies capture the potential of online customers to increase online conversion?   Digital assistance holds the clue Read more

5 Reasons Why Implementing Conversational Marketing is the Right Choice for Enterprises

It seems like there’s a new marketing buzzword every other month—but Conversational Marketing isn’t one of them. This new way of marketing enables you to directly reach your target audience at the bottom of the funnel when they’re ready to purchase, thanks to the authentic, back-and-forth conversation of a chatbot.   While the word “chatbot” sounds too new-age for most customers, 37 percent of customers in the U.S. said that they trust a chatbot to deliver a quick, accurate and reliable answer in the case of an emergency, according to Read more