New live video solution for dealerships: easier & sells more than pre-recorded videos

Did you know that more than 80% of customers start by looking around online when they are about to purchase a car?
Are you doing everything you can to engage them before a competitor would?
Now think about it for a second: If customers were on your website, saw a car they liked and called you, would you be able to show the car to them even if they were too busy at the moment to go to the dealership?
Whisbi allows you to show your vehicles via live video solution in a few seconds, simply using your smartphone.
Our patented live video solution can automati...

Whisbi’s mobile app for an easy yet clever omnichannel retail experience is here

Did you know that just one year from now, most companies expect to be competing mostly on the level of their customer experience? Yet, do you fear that stepping up your online shopping experience would be time-consuming and costly or most solutions seem too complicated to implement? Good news: as part of Whisbi's innovative SaaS technology for Retail & E-commerce businesses, you can use an ordinary smartphone to share a real 'store experience' with your online customers.

Showcase how your products work and feel - with j...

In store: showcase your products online with our new Google Glass app

We are glad to announce that our new app for Glass has arrived at the store! We mean it both literally and metaphorically, thinking about the opportunities this opens up to Retail & E-commerce businesses. Industry experts agree that smart glasses such as Google Glass itself have a great potential in the enterprise sector. When our team have developed our new omnichannel solution, we've envisioned a world where sales representatives can showcase their physical products to web visitors via re...

Industry recognition for Whisbi on VentureBeat

We're proud to share with you the exclusive new feature about Whisbi on VentureBeat, the world's leading source for news & perspective on tech innovation.

VentureBeat emphasized that Whisbi's omnichannel innovation starts a new era

The retailer's website and their physical location don't belong to different worlds any more. They also cherished Whisbi's ability of sharing a real-time 'store experience' with remote customers, through the eyes of a knowledgeable sales rep demonstrating products via real-time video. VentureBeat celebrated the idea of this new 'experiential tunnel' connecting digital and physic...