Detecting real phone numbers

Our hybrid lead capture automatically detects fake phone numbers & saves you time! We know how important it is for your sales team to be as efficient as possible. We don’t want them to waste their time with fake phone numbers, so we’ve added a new input field that automatically detects the country code & validates it’s a real one.detecting real phone num...											</div>
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Whisbi Voice BETA

Save on telephony cost as your agents can now receive Whisbi calls via VoIP! Forget about high telephony costs! Whisbi Voice for Android now lets agents receive VoIP (Voice over IP) calls using the internet instead of expensive phone lines.

The Whisbi system, by default, calls the agents using conventional phone lines, and every agent needs to have a phone number to be contacted. It has several implications like depending on the telephony carrier, with the consequent costs, or having to be in a...

Whisbi Showroom

You asked for it - you got it! One-click camera switching is here. One-click camera switching and camera renaming makes life easier when you change your showroom and content. After spending time with some of your Whisbi agents on the ground in different countries we have implemented your suggestions to make camera switching easier. The one-click camera switching functionality lets you switch with ONE to...

Whisbi Insights BETA

Measure, collect & analyze better your customer's behavior Several months ago we secretly started rewriting our backend codebase, migrating from our existing analytics platform the Whisbi Deck to a brand new data studio now called the Whisbi Insights. This new product update, which is still in BETA version will include some sought after new features, like the Chatbot A...