New Agent Interface for your Conversational Sales Assistant

The Whisbi Agent interface of our Conversational Sales Assistant replaces its legacy interface aka the “Whisbi Desktop '' with a well-researched user experience, designed from careful customer analysis, workflow evaluations and heavy onsite testing. Agents in several countries and different industries were consulted on needs, sales techniques, and behaviours in order to deliver an optimised and scalable interface.   Here are all the advantages of the new Agent Interface:   Read more

Whisbi Product Update: Introducing Whisbi Deck 5.0

Because we specialize in serving the Enterprise environment, we get unreasonably pumped every time we release another Enterprise update. Each one of them gets us one step closer to cover all the features our users want. With that in mind, you can imagine how excited we are to introduce our refreshed and improved Whisbi Deck. Here’s what you need to know.
    Enabled settings & configuration for Admins<...

The Evolution of Chatbots, from AI to Hybrid and Back

In today’s world, where businesses compete against each other for customers, the competition could turn in favor of the losing side in a fraction of a second. Sometimes, all that differs between two companies is not the quality of their product or service, but timely and relevant service to a customer who is ready to buy that product or service. It’s at such times that traditional selling strategies go out the window and technology-assisted selling strategies come into play. We are referring to Conversational MarketingRead more