Building trust and increasing transparency for the online customer in the financial industry

Although bots have become a trendy tool in the banking sector, the latest research revealed customers do not respond well to them. Instead, they want to feel a human connection and live engagement through digital channels. It’s safe to say that customers are the real driving force behind the digital transformation, as they search for simplicity and seamless experiences. Therefore, any brand that is truly customer-centric, will invest in conversational commerce solution, in order to improve conversations online and enhance customer engagement.

Why it is important for automotive brands to invest in conversational commerce now

The customer journey in the automotive industry has evolved as customers are turning to digital channels for initial research and brand comparison. They are now expecting more from car manufactures, when it comes to online customer-brand interactions; they seek  a certain level of personalization, that makes their research easier and more effective, before they ever visit the  physical dealership. Whisbi’s Strategic Account Director Vanessa Goslow shares her insights  on the shift from in-store to online customer engagement for car manufacturers.

Whisbi attending Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 in San Francisco

We are excited to announce that Whisbi will be attending the Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco from the 12th to the 14th of September. This is the first edition of the MWC specifically catered to the Americas market and will host around 30,000 attendees. A great opportunity for tech and mobile professionals to strongly engage and keep up with the best practices and cutting edge ideas. At Whisbi, we believe strongly in engaging with other mind like professionals in the industry.

The future of automotive retail: Increase engagement and online conversion with conversational commerce

For a start, we can all agree that the future of automotive retail is online.

Around 75% of car research is done online. By 2027 it is expected that 1 in 5 cars will be sold online. 

A once traditional industry is now being influenced by the digital revolution and has seen a drastic shift towards online sales in the last couple of years to keep up with the current market opportunities.