Conversational commerce: reducing the sales cycle for car brands

Conversational commerce is having a transformative impact on customer experience, the customer journey, and eCommerce as we know it - across all sectors and industries. At a basic level, having a conversational commerce solution implemented on a website means a brand can engage prospective customers from their first visit; drawing them into real-time conversations (chat, voice and/ or video) to address questions, demonstrate products and create a memorable brand experience at the exact right moment - just as could be achieved in a physical showroom.

Tips to Increase Online Engagement in Banking & Insurance

According to Statistica, in 2007, internet banking penetration in the UK sat at just 30%. In 2017, that number has rocketed to 63% online usage - and is only set to increase.13 Yet, as outline, there are always instances when a branch visit (or more specifically face-to-face engagement) may be preferred, such as when dealing with account issues, opening new accounts or making larger transactions. But what if it was possible to achieve that personal, face-to-face interaction online, and bridge the gap between on and offline in Banking and Insurance?